Akyempim Rural Bank Limited in a bid to provide business financing, and support to SME’s, has the following product and services portfolio at a competitive but affordable price to offer.

With this account, client’s frequent deposits or contribution is encouraged. It can be built up for future purposes. With the aid of the Passbook the customer can easily know the financial status he/she has with the bank.
It is a type of an account that gives the client the opportunity to deposit and makes withdrawal at any time of his/her choice. The customer is issued with a cheque booklet that enables him/her make payment on demand without consulting the bank, provided he/she has sufficient funds in the account.
With the introduction of paperless money transaction into banking, you are at a liberty to access your monies on the e-zwich card at Akyempim Rural Bank without any hustle.
It is a type of investment account that helps the customer to plan effectively and intermittently with the usage of his/her money. Interest Rate on this timely account is highly competitive.
It is a modified mobile banking product that gives instant value to the customer. The customer lodges daily deposits with the Mobile Banker, who goes to the doorsteps of the client to collect their money.